Ellen Pompeo manages to balances the demands of being an actress and being a mom effortlessly.

After spending the morning on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo went into domestic mode as she dropped by the Natural Foods Market in Los Feliz, CA today (August 15) to pick up some organic goodies for her little one at home.

Meanwhile, Scars on 45‘s Heart On Fire, the song that ABC is using to promote the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy, will be exclusively featured on the fourth volume of Grey’s Anatomy Original Soundtrack.

If you haven’t heard it, CLICK HERE to check it out!

Scars on 45, who have released an EP, will release their debut album next year. The British band undoubtedly hopes the promos will spark interest in their music similar to previous efforts that bolstered Snow Patrol and the Fray.

Cee Lo Green, Lykke Li, the National and Delta Spirit are among the acts featured on the soundtrack that will be released September 13.

Here is the track listing for Grey’s Anatomy Original Soundtrack:

“Get Some” – Lykke Li
“Heart On Fire” – Scars on 45
“Way To The Future” – Katie Herzig
“Second Chance” – Peter Bjorn and John
“Old Fashioned” – Cee Lo Green
“England” – The National
“Stare Into The Sun” – Graffiti 6
“Worried About” – Lissie
“Salt In The Wound” – Delta Spirit
“Further” – Correatown
“The Infidel” – The Republic Tigers
“In Front Of You” – The Quiet Kind
“Entwined” – Tim Myers
“Both Sides Are Even” – The Boxer Rebellion

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