Salma Hayek brought a touch of Hollywood glamour as she arrived at a local recreational center in Los Angeles on Sunday (AUgust 14).

Joined by husband François-Henri Pinault, the 44-year-old big screen star enjoyed an afternoon of pedestrian activities, including a tennis match and a run to a nearby Whole Foods.

Meanwhile, much like every other celeb in Hollywood, Salma is expanding her empire. After conquering the acting world, the Mexican-born beauty has created a 100-product beauty, hair and skin care line called Nuance sold exclusively at CVS stores nationwide. It’s affordable. It’s accessible. And Salma swears it works.

“If I had known how much work it was going to be, I wouldn’t have done it,” she tells USA Today. “I’m incapable of letting someone else take over. I’m micromanaging.”

Salma claims she’s not like every other celebrity who sign their names to brands without getting involved. “No, chica. I’ve been working on this for years,” she says. “I burn my face, my eyes, trying this (expletive). I have very sensitive skin. The stuff is really, really, really good.”

So, how did Salma get involved in the first place? “My grandmother used to make her creams. Some of the creams were super-cheap, but they were so efficient,” she says. “I knew there was a way of making extraordinary products that make a difference, without spending that kind of money. I believe in products. Every woman should be entitled to preserve her youth to the best of human ability. I was really excited to make this possible.”

Hubby François-Henri, who just so happens to be chief executive officer of PPR, is among Salma’s biggest fans. “There’s a couple of products that he’s like, ‘Wow.’ He’s very impressed. The green-tea cooling eye gel he really likes. You know what else he likes?”

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