Leave it up to Dr. Phil to capitalize on a tragedy.

The opportunistic television personality has secured what he’s calling an “all media exclusive” interview with Cindy and George Anthony, to air as the 10th season premiere of Dr. Phil on Sept. 12.

“Cindy and George have suffered a horrific loss with the untimely death of their granddaughter Caylee, and they have since endured an unprecedented public attack on their family,” says Dr. Phil in a release. “Have these attacks been warranted, or not? I looked them straight in the eye and asked some very tough questions.”

Phil promises that he asked – and they answered – “every question I know will be on our viewers’ minds. Nothing is off limits during this interview.”

Cindy Anthony says, “We are hoping that by doing this interview, we will be able to help other people who may be experiencing struggles of their own.”

George Anthony continues, “We knew he would ask the difficult questions, and we were right.”

The Anthonys apparently sought no compensation (and will derive no income) for their interview, asking only that a donation be made to Caylee’s Fund, a charitable organization currently being formed to honor their granddaughter.

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