There are two less reasons to watch The Talk.

CBS has apparently decided that there have been too many people at The Talk‘s conversation table this season. The network has decided not to pick up the options for Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete.

Halfway into season 1, Marissa Jaret Winokur, one the original six co-hosts, left. That was back in January. Sharon Osbourne has already said she wants to spend more time with Ozzy, but isn’t leaving the show for good.

While CBS won’t confirm that Leah and Holly are leaving, they say in a statement: “The Talk just finished a strong first season, quickly establishing a new daytime brand for CBS in just a few months. The producers are currently working on the show’s creative game plan for season 2, which launches on Tuesday, Sept. 6.”

Tweeted Holly:

“Hey… THANKS for all the lovely supportive comments All I know is I love The Talk and hope to be back next season xoxo #realtalk”

And Leah:

“Thank You for all the love you guys are showing me. I really do appreciate it, means everything.”


  1. Judy Adam Says:

    It’s such a HUGE mistake if CBS doesn’t allow Leah and Holly to come back. Is it because Leah speaks her mind and says a word that needs censored? She’s gotten better, and besides, so what, we hear worse. Leah is the MAJOR player on The Talk that so many people want to see & hear. Is Holly being cut because she’s Black? Rethink this through and realize what CBS is doing to The Talk and to CBS. You’re cutting your own throats if you allow this decision to be final. Leah & Holly are the “Glue” that holds The Talk together. Neither has EVER missed a taping unlike Mrs. O and Julie.

  2. CBS obviously doesn’t make good corporate decisions. They ruined the Early show the old cast was fun to watch and now the Talk won’t be the same. I always make sure I’m around to watch since i’m currently unemployed. Guess once I fnd work I won’t be missing much.

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