Now that she’s got a bangin’ new ‘do, Jennifer Love Hewitt has an extra skip in her step.

Greeting the paparazzi with a smile, the 32-year-old actress looked gorgeous and carefree as she stepped out of her home in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (August 16).

Before making her way out, J.Love tweeted: “Hello lovelys. Great workout this morning. Now errands and meetings! Twisses.”

And it appears not everyone is loving Miss Hewitt’s new coiffe. Taking to her Twitter account, the brunette beauty writes: “People who are not in favor of the new haircut kinda hurt my tweelings!:(”

Meanwhile, Reuters has published an article stating that Jennifer, who attended WWE’s SummerSlam VIP Kick-Off Party last Thursday at the Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles, California, broke one of the organization’s unwritten rules: No dancing.

The article notes that the Hollywood starlet danced for over an hour at the event, which is unofficially prohibited by WWE. She was also seen dancing with Hornswoggle.

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