These days, everything in Lindsay Lohan‘s life is a photo shoot.

Joined ever an ever-present photographer, the 25-year-old actress took a break from her busy party schedule for an afternoon of surfing in Malibu on Tuesday (August 16).

Lindsay was in high spirits (the sober version) as she rode a few gnarly waves, gripping the board tightly. At one point, the recovering starlet mastered balancing on one knee as she surfed in the sunshine.

Despite the afternoon full of sand, surf and sport, Lindsay managed to keep a full face of makeup plastered on her famous face — including a false lashes!

The shoot was for an upcoming issue of the fashion mag Love Cat.

While questions remain over the status of her career, it seems Lindsay may be taking up a new hobby to remain busy while she waits for word on her upcoming film Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father.

Despite appearing at a press conference for the mob film with co-star John Travolta earlier this year, it has been reported that the troubled star is yet to nail down a deal with the producers.


  1. John Bowie Says:

    d’she ever catcha wave???

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