Lady Gaga has been taking surfing lessons during some time off in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta.

The 25-year-old pop star, who is reportedly taking a well-deserved break from promoting her new single You And I, hit the waves on a body-board on Tuesday (August 16), with sources claiming she is making “excellent progress.”

Speaking to The Sun, a source revealed: “For a relative beginner she took to surfing really well. She started quite slowly learning how to body-board and then she was able to work up to standing – she made excellent progress.”

They added: “She has been very relaxed since she arrived at the resort and is looking to unwind from her punishing timetable on the road.”

GaGa reportedly splashed out on a $10,000-a-night hotel suite in Mexico, with insiders saying her surfing lesson cost $240.

As well as learning to surf, the Poker Face hitmaker also unveiled the promo to her new single, You And I earlier this week – which shows Lady G dressed as a man and a topless mermaid.

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