Rihanna certainly knows how to get the party started.

The 23-year-old singer had fans on their feet as she performed on day one of the V Festival at Weston Park in Stafford, England today (August 20).

Sporting a Union Jack half top and high-waisted denim shorts, Rihanna was in fine form as she belted out hit after hit while doing some local representing.

Before taking the stage, she tweeted: “#VFESTDay1 I LOVE YOU!!! 80’000 screaming rockstars!!! I can’t wait to see Eminem!!!!”

Speaking of Eminem, Rihanna surprised fans at the 2010 Video Music Awards when she hit the stage with Slim Shady to perform their track Love the Way You Lie. At the time, Rihanna was in the middle of shooting her first-ever feature film, the action-packed Battleship, in Hawaii, and there was a bit of a logistics problem in trying to get the flame-haired singer to the show.

MTV has the dish:

While her fans were excited to see her hit the stage with Shady, a wardrobe mishap almost derailed her performance altogether. “The morning of the show, she flew in very, very early,” Malika Quemerais, MTV coordinator of music and celebrity talent, tells us in “VMAs Revealed,” a special that takes fans behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest moments from last year’s VMAs.

Rihanna wanted her look to be just right and wanted her wig’s red shade to perfectly fit the vibe she was going for. Unfortunately, that meant that it would require more work than planned.

“When the wig arrived, the wig was orange,” celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen said. “I’m telling you, bright orange, straight-up Nicki Minaj orange. And she’s flipping out.”

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