Just in: A spokesman for Amy Winehouse‘s family revealed today (August 23) that toxicology reports have shown that there were no illegal drugs in the singer’s system at the time of her death.

The Rehab singer had publicly battled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout her meteoric career, and many were quick to point out that her death on July 23 seemed like a foregone conclusion. However, the initial autopsy of Amy’s body didn’t shed any light on the specific cause of death.

The toxicology report also found that “alcohol was present” in her system, though the family spokesman said it was presently unclear if it contributed to Amy’s death.

The announcement will undoubtedly complicate the many theories behind what killed Amy.


  1. It great news to hear that Amy did not have drugs in her system, i gives her family a little rest known that the very thing she was so addicted to was not in her system, when she passed. However for me i think her body was tired of the abuse she had been giving it for so many years that it finally gave in to all the abuse it had suffered, it had given up and in some sad way its better she slipped away in her sleep, where she was in no pay. It is sad however Amy brought this upon herself and in this world there are those that fight and those that sink.

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