Tyra Banks visited the Cirque Du Soleil cast of Zarkana at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Wednesday (August 24).

Looking fresh-faced and fancy-free, the supermodel-turned-television personality could be seen swinging in the air with the help of a few acrobats before sitting down with the entire cast for a photo op.

Tyra is currently making the rounds promoting her new teen fantasy novel Modelland.

Meanwhile, in a new blog post on her Type F website, Tyra offers up some suggestion on how you can bring “the fa-fa-fa-face to Facebook.” Some highlights:

Work That Signature Pose: When I’m in doubt, I stand with my feet a shoulder-width apart, bend one knee, suck in my tummy and put a hand on my hip—the stance makes my curves look great even if I’ve skipped a workout. Find your own signature pose by clicking through your favorite photos of yourself. See if you can find a pattern. Do you turn to a 45-degree angle for a slenderizing effect? Do you favor a cute little head tilt? Practice in the mirror until you’ve got the look perfected!

Stand Tall: No matter your height, stand up straight with your shoulders back. As a tall girl, I sometimes get tempted to slouch when I’m presenting at an awards show. I think I’m looking all cool and not look-at-me peacocky, until I spot myself in the monitors seeming a mess because I’m not standing up straight. There are ways to own your inches without hunching over into lumps and bumps—the last time I stopped by The View, I posed with my beautifully petite hostesses rocking a bent-knee disco stance that put me at their level, without making me look like Igor’s big sister.

Lock in Your Lighting: Photographers recommend shooting candids in daylight or with soft, diffused light (think a scarf-topped lampshade), but most of the time you just have to work with what you’ve got. Avoid harsh overhead lighting or fluorescent bulbs. And, yes, candlelight is flattering, but not if the votive is flickering away under your chin like you’re about to tell ghost stories. Move that sucker to the side for a more flattering effect.

Take Your Own Flash Photo: Snap a full-length picture of yourself before you head out for the evening. That way you can spot a too-sheer top or too-light foundation before the evidence is fixed in pixels (believe me, I learned this one the hard way!).


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