Never one to miss out on a fashion event, Nicole Richie attended the Band of Outsiders summer event at the Hollywood Forever cemetary in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 24).

Joined by her rocker hubby Joel Madden and Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield, the celebutante designer looked fab at the NET-A-PORTER and hosted event wearing leather pants, black cape and and wide-brimmed hat.

From the event, Nicole tweeted: “Me. @NETAPORTER. Meatballs. @JoelMadden & a cemetery. That is all. #WednesdayNightWut”

Meanwhile, Nicole has composed a poem under the pen name “Nicole Richingway” in honour of her brother-in-law Josh Madden‘s birthday.

Happy Birthday to my brother Josh
Today you won’t be eating squash
Birthday cake is whats for you!
Dont eat a candle or it will come out in your poo!
Even though you’re a year older
You wont be any colder
Because you have lots of sweaters and socks
You are as beautiful as Courtney Cox

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