Hilary Duff is certainly not staying at home barefoot and pregnant.

The mom-to-be was a woman at work as she dropped by the Barnes & Noble Tribeca store in New York City on Monday (October 10) to promote her new book Devoted.

Before her meet and greet event, Hilary tweeted: “Yay! Book signing time! Tribeca barns and noble here I come.”

Devoted picks up basically where Elixir left off, and Clea has a lot of big questions to answer and decisions to make,” says Hilary. “Clearly Sage and her got separated [he was kidnapped in Elixir], and it didn’t end ideally for them, so she’s having a hard time.”

Now that the second book will be hitting bookstore shelves, Hilary is already thinking up some ideas for the final book in this trilogy.

“There’s going to be one more,” she revealed. “I don’t think it will be as long. It will be a wrap up, kind of where they are now and what exactly happened to the Elixir, whose hands it’s in, what ends up happening with Sage. I’m gonna start writing soon. It will probably be very emotional for my state. I think it will come out a little sooner because it will be easier and quicker.”


  1. Gorgeous WOW she completely disproves the thought pregnant women are not sexy or beautiful! Go hot mama hil&%^!

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