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Posted in Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake on November 16, 2010 by fadedblog

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried were busy filming a scene together for their upcoming science fiction movie Now in Los Angeles on Monday (November 15).

In the scene, Justin could be seen wearing a long coat and carrying a large suitcase as he walked arm-in-arm with a scantily-clad Miss Seyfried.

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis is singing Justin’s praise — but it has nothing to do with his singing or acting talents. After spending two months filming sex scenes with the 29-year-old, she says he was “kind of great.”

The pair play two friends who decide to get romantic in her latest film Friends With Benefits.

Speaking to E! News, she insisted that there was no romantic attraction between the two, although she did enjoy the laughs.

“I can’t complain,” she said. “It’s not like I had the hardest two months. It’s not like I was, ‘Uch, I have to go to work and have simulated sex for two weeks. Darn it.’ It was kinda great.”

She added, “Wait till you see the gag reel. It was all laughter. He’s very funny. I think he knew I was going to be a little uncomfortable because he would be seeing all my bits and pieces so his way of making me comfortable was just to make me laugh. It was just very goofy.”

Sing? Act? And perform simulated on-screen sex? Is there anything Justin can’t do?



Posted in Amanda Seyfried on November 9, 2010 by fadedblog

Amanda Seyfried was spotted hanging out on the set of her upcoming movie Now, filming in Pasadena, CA on Monday (November 8).

The big screen beauty, who was sporting a short, red wig, could later be seen filming a scene with co-star Justin Timberlake inside of a car.

Meanwhile, Amanda has starred in a string of recent flicks recently — and it’s clearly paid off!

The Mamma Mia star, who says she only signs up for the movies to pay for a New York apartment, reportedly splashed out $1.9 million on a Manhattan property.

Amanda, who has been romantically linked to Ryan Phillippe, bought the two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in the trendy Devonshire House Building in Greenwich Village.

The 24-year-old picked up the 1500sq-ft apartment over the summer.


Posted in Amanda Seyfried on October 31, 2010 by fadedblog

Amanda Seyfried was among the attendees at Kate Hudson‘s annual Halloween Bash in Pacific Palisades, CA on Saturday (October 30).

Amid unseasonably chilly temps, the Mamma Mia star sensibly stayed warm and cozy inside a huge furry dog suit.

Meanwhile, it’s back to work Monday morning as Amanda continues to film her new action thriller I’m.Mortal alongside Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde.

The movie centers on a world where people stop aging at 25 and then have to buy time to stay alive.

It’ll be out in theaters next year.


Posted in Amanda Seyfried on October 28, 2010 by fadedblog

Amanda Seyfried took a break from working on the set of her latest film I’m Mortal with co-star Justin Timberlake to grab some lunch with a pal and her dog Fin (today (October 28).

The big screen beauty could be seen making her way to her car to grab a jacket, which she had a friend try on at the table of a local Los Feliz, CA eatery.

Meanwhile, Cle de Peau Beaute, a division of Shiseido Co. Ltd, announced today Amanda as the global spokesperson and “face” of the cosmetic and skincare luxury line.

Ms. Seyfried’s first appearance will be in the brand’s Spring 2011 advertising campaign, shot by renowned British photographer, David Sims with makeup by Lucia Pieroni, Cle de Peau Beaute Color Creator.

“Amanda’s radiance and sophisticated style are the perfect embodiment of Cle de Peau Beaute. Her beautiful persona and her commitment to giving back exemplify the Cle de Peau Beaute ideal and we are thrilled to have her representing our brand,” stated Yoshiaki Okabe, General Manager of Cle de Peau Beaute. “The Spring 2011 campaign which features Amanda will bring a vibrant and fresh allure to Cle de Peau Beaute.”

“I have long admired Cle de Peau Beaute. As the new spokesperson for the brand, it was very important to me that the collaboration be an authentic one,” added Amanda. “I appreciate Cle de Peau Beaute’s philosophy of empowering each woman to define her own unique sense of style. It’s a very sophisticated approach to beauty that I appreciate and I feel closely reflects my own beauty ideals.”


Posted in Amanda Seyfried on October 16, 2010 by fadedblog

Amanda Seyfried cheerfully enjoyed a walk with her dog Finn in Los Feliz, CA today (October 16).

Sporting a t-shirt with the word “bonjour” emblazoned on the front, the big screen beauty managed to maintain a lengthy conversation with the paparazzo as she tended to her daily errand.

After burning off some calories, Amanda, headed for lunch with friends in Glendale.

Next up for Miss Seyfried? She’s set to star in Andrew Niccol‘s latest untitled project formerly known as I’m.mortal alongside Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde.

The plotline? “In the not-too-distant future the aging gene has been switched off. To avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency and the way people pay for luxuries and necessities. The rich can live forever, while the rest try to negotiate for their immortality. A poor young man who comes into a fortune of time, though too late to help his mother from dying. He ends up on the run from a corrupt police force known as ‘time keepers.'”


Posted in Amanda Seyfried on October 7, 2010 by fadedblog

Accompanied by her dog Finn, actress Amanda Seyfried spent the entire afternoon running in Los Angeles today (October 7).

The Chloe star could be seen dropping off a package at Fedex before taking her Australian Shepherd to a dog park with a friend.

Afterwards, once her to-do list was tended to, natural beauty Amanda treated herself with a brief shopping spree at a nearby boutique.

Meanwhile, Amanda is rumoured to be in the running to play Daisy Buchanan in an upcoming adaptation of the Great Gatsby. According to reports, Leonardo DiCaprio would play Jay Gatsby while Tobey Maguire would star as Nick Carraway in the big screen version of the F.Scott Fitzgerald classic.

Last we heard Baz Luhrmann was attached to helm the project. The Australian director would make sense, as he has collaborated with Leo in 1996’s Romeo + Juliet.