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Posted in Christina Applegate, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Martyn Lenoble on August 23, 2010 by fadedblog

Drew Barrymore glittered in gold as she attended the premiere of Going The Distance in Los Angeles today (August 23).

The 35-year-old actress was joined by her on-screen, off-screen boyfriend Justin Long as she made her way down the red carpet at the debut of her latest romantic comedy.

Also at the premiere? Drew’s co-star Christina Applegate. The mom-to-be was escorted to the event by her longtime beau, musician Martyn Lenoble.

Meanwhile, Drew says she thinks people should only use Twitter if they are funny and insists she will never join.

The big screen beauty has no interest in the micro-blogging site and admits she is an “old fashioned girl” when it comes to technology.

“I know I’m an anomaly, I know everyone else is in love with it, but it’s not for me,” she says. “I like people who use it for comedy to make people laugh. If people are making other people laugh and making jokes then that’s awesome.”

When pressed to try out the site by Absolute Radio DJ Geoff Lloyd, she refused, saying: “I’m an old fashioned girl.”

For his part, Justin believes his lady love will stick to her self-imposed twitter ban.

“She won’t join,” he says, “I promise you she won’t.”

In a joint interview, he added to Drew: “Like as disparate as it is from your nature, I still feel like you would tweet some really funny things, you’d have some good entertainment.”