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Posted in Beach Body Alert, Casey Kahl, Vienna Girardi on August 9, 2011 by fadedblog

Just one day after the premiere of Bachelor Pad 2 and Vienna Girardi‘s incessant fame whoring has begun.

Taking a page out of the Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt handbook to celebrity pandering, the perennial reality TV star joined her made-for-TV boyfriend Kasey Kahl for a staged photo op in Malibu today (August 9).

Before her photo shoot, Vienna tweeted, “Thank you to my supporters! I appreciate all of you. I am very happy, have a wonderful BF and amazing people like you in my life. #lifesgood” She later added: “Beach party in Malibu… I’m so late! Common traffic let me through. Wish I had a scooter right now, so I could Zoom through all these cars.”

Meanwhile, Kasey is opening up about his lady love’s new nose.

“She says she wants to do this surgery to help herself feel better because she’s been through some trauma in her early years,” he tells People mag. “I honestly think she’s gorgeous and beautiful inside and out so it doesn’t matter to me.”

He adds: “I was there a day after her surgery. I stuck by her side and either way, I said, ‘I am here for you and I support you no matter what you want to do.'”

Vienna says Kasey continues to offer comfort even though they haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in some time. “I am really exhausted and my head hurts pretty bad right now,” she says. “I am getting through it. I’ve only been out in public for three days. I still have black eyes and my nose is still swollen and I am still recovering. It’s about a month to 6 months for the recovery time and it’s only been three weeks for me.”

As to why she had the procedure? Vienna says, “When I got this done, it was for me. He thought I was beautiful before, but I don’t think anyone should get plastic surgery for somebody else. When the opportunity arises, if that’s what makes you feel good, then do it. That’s your body! Do it for yourself. I think it’s important for young women to know that.”