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Posted in Ellen Pompeo on August 18, 2010 by fadedblog

Ellen Pompeo continues to keep herself in incredible shape.

Tending to her fitness, the 40-year-old actress was spotted stopping off at the gym in Beverly Hills today (August 18) before running errands in Studio City, CA.

Meanwhile, Ellen says Grey’s Anatomy is going to have “some frustrating episodes” when the ABC medical drama returns next month.

Following the tragic Season 6 finale, which saw Meredith’s husband shot and near death, it’s going to take a while for every doctor at Seattle Grace to get back on their feet, but none more so than Meredith — that according to trauma counselor Andrew Perkins (as played by James Tupper).

Perkins must clear each doctor before they can return to the OR, and Meredith is definitely not at the top of that list. “Meredith does get cleared eventually, but not right away; not without some frustrating episodes,” Ellen tells TVGuide. “She’s got to pull out all the tricks and stops to try to get cleared.”

“The role that they have given Meredith is to take care of everybody and to try to make sure that everybody else is OK,” she adds. “She’s the role of the caretaker, which, I guess, is her way of not dealing with her own thing.”

Meredith will struggle with her fellow doctors being cleared, especially since she knows a certain few that shouldn’t be holding a scalpel for a while.

So will this cause her to snap?

“I haven’t seen that yet,” Ellen says of the first four scripts she’s read. “I don’t see a snap in Meredith. I think she’s handling this a little bit better than the other people who are more on the verge. Lexie [Chyler Leigh] and Cristina [Sandra Oh] really, really need more critical attention.”

And finally, after moving in with her, April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams), are also set to get a pass back into surgery — though Meredith is none too please about that move.

“[Perkins] comes in and he’s just clearing people and he doesn’t really know them,” she says. “Meredith feels like she knows them, and she really knows that they’re not OK. She can see because she lives and breathes with them every day. He’s coming in and clearing everybody because he thinks they’re fine, and he doesn’t think Meredith’s fine. She’s the one taking care of everybody!”

Grey’s Anatomy returns September 23 on ABC.


Posted in Ellen Pompeo on August 17, 2010 by fadedblog

As production on the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy gets underway, Ellen Pompeo is making sure she’s in camera-ready shape.

Stepping out for an afternoon of fitness, the 40-year-old actress was seen leaving a gym in Los Angeles on Monday (August 16) following a nearly two-hour workout.

Meanwhile, Mandy Moore is set to reprise her role on Grey’s Anatomy.

The 26-year-old singer/actress appeared in the hit ABC series at the end of the last season and is set to check into Seattle Grace hospital again.

Mandy, who played the role of a patient, Mary, in the season six finale of the hospital drama, will be returning to the show in the sixth episode of the new season.

The season seven premiere of Grey’s Anatomy airs on September 23.


Posted in Ellen Pompeo on August 11, 2010 by fadedblog

Enjoying a break from mommy duty, Ellen Pompeo looked super happy to be out with her friend in Los Feliz, CA today (August 11).

The 40-year-old actress spent the afternoon grabbing a coffee and chatting with a gal pal before heading home to her awaiting daughter.

Meanwhile, after a crazy and suspenseful season finale, Ellen will be returning in her role as Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, which will be back on TV on September 23.