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Posted in Gabourey Sidibe on December 4, 2010 by fadedblog

Following the success of Precious, has Gabourey Sidibe found a new job as a high-rise employee? Not likely.

The 27-year-old actress was busy at work in New York City on Friday (December 3) as she filmed a scene for The Tower Heist on Manhattan’s West Side.

Brett Ratner‘s upcoming comedy co-stars Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Alan Alda and Tea Leoni.

Ben will play a manager of an affluent high rise who leads a crew of disgruntled workers in a heist of its penthouse resident (Alan), a Bernie Madoff-esque, Wall Street capitalist who defrauded the staff of their pensions. Eddie will play a safe cracker who joins the team.

Screenwriter Jeff Nathanson (of Rush Hour 3 fame ) is the one responsible for the latest draft, which Universal put into production earlier this month.



Posted in Gabourey Sidibe on September 17, 2010 by fadedblog

Has yet another fashion magazine has gone overboard with the airbrushing?

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe is on the new cover of Elle, one of four cover models for the mag’s 25th anniversary October issue, but she appears to have much lighter skin than she normally does.

What’s more? Critics say Gabbie was not depicted in the same type of full-body photo as the other three cover models.

In a statement, Elle said, “Nothing out of the ordinary was done. We have four separate covers this month and Gabby’s cover was not retouched any more or less than the others. … If you take a look at the portfolio, each of the women were shot in different ways and for different reasons.”

Speaking with E News!, Elle’s editor-in-chief Robbie Myers said Gabbie’s skin was “absolutely not” changed and that she is “sad” over the accusations. She emphasized, “We absolutely did not lighten her skin.”

She told E: “What’s so sad about it is that people have not looked at anything else but this. … People want to make something out of nothing.” She adds that Gabourey was an incredible subject, saying “we love her.”