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Posted in Halle Berry on August 20, 2011 by fadedblog

Halle Berry showed off her best assets as she did some shopping in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (August 19).

Filling out her maxi dress in all the right places, the Oscar-winning actress looked red carpet ready as she departed a local grocery store with dinner in hand.

Meanwhile, Halle personal trainer has revealed some of the secrets that keeps the 45-year-old actress’ body in such great shape.

Nat Bardonnet says they focus on Halle’s problem areas but ensure to always keep her physique feminine.

“Halle’s body looks 10 years younger, at least. She’s an inspiration,” Nat gushes to Us Weekly. “We try to get rid of what she doesn’t like while keeping her womanly shape; erasing thighs, keeping the butt high, lengthening the hamstrings, and working the abs.”

Although Nat would not reveal Halle’s exact workout regimen he gave a few hints as to what she does to ensure she is always camera ready.

“It’s my secret. I’m good about finding what’s different for people, and that’s what I like with Halle,” he says. “But we do use her body weight [for the exercises] and we don’t go above three-pound weights. I always shock the body. The workout is never the same – we always change it.”

Nat also shared diet tips on how best to get into shape the quickest.

He suggests, “Up your cardio sessions and eat five times a day while avoiding sugar, flour, lactose, cheese, dough, rice, and pasta.”


Posted in Halle Berry on August 9, 2011 by fadedblog

Halle Berry is an Oscar-winning actress — and a domestic diva!

Tending to her role as a superstar mom, the 44-year-old stunner drew quite the crowd as she did some grocery shopping at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood on Monday (August 8).

Meanwhile, Halle will soon take a break from her stay-at-home mom status to begin filming Cloud Atlas.

Based on the book by David Mitchell, the upcoming sci-fi flick is actually six stories set in a different time and place that become intricately related to each other.

Co-stars include Hugo Weaving, Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon.

The flick is slated for release in October 2012.

In the meantime, Halle has three different movies scheduled to premiere this year, including the ensemble cast comedy New Year’s Eve.


Posted in Halle Berry on December 10, 2010 by fadedblog

Did Nahla Aubry wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

That appeared to be the case as Halle Berry was spotted arriving at a residential location in Beverly Hills today (December 10) with a very grumpy Nahla in her arms.

Halle was all smiles as she walked up to the home which looked more like a possible photo shoot location or a movie set. What could the mother daughter duo be up to?

Meanwhile, Halle stunned TV audiences last night by faking an orgasm on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The Oscar-winner sexed up the chat after handing the host a tub of her favourite popcorn brand, which she described as “orgasmic”.

She said, “I have some Garrett’s popcorn, this is the best, they make caramel corn cheese mix. I can polish off that (tub) in one movie, you have to take a caramel and a cheese together, it’s a mix – it’s orgasmic.”

Leno replied, “It’s orgasmic?” before pouring the tasty treat into her cupped hands, as Berry noisily faked a climax.


Posted in Halle Berry on December 7, 2010 by fadedblog

Halle Berry got into the holiday spirit in Los Angeles today (December 7) as she searched for the perfect Christmas tree for little Nahla.

Joined by a friend, the Oscar-winning actress spent quite a bit of time inspecting the various shrubbery before driving off with her prized Fraser Fir strapped on the off of her luxury SUV.

Earlier in the day, Halle was among the presenters at The Hollywood Reporter’s Power 100: Women In Entertainment Breakfast.

The star-studded event was held in conjunction with the publication of THR’s annual list of the Top 100 most-powerful females in Hollywood.

Halle praised fellow Oscar winner Hellen Mirren‘s efforts as she was presenting the 65-year-old actress with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award. (Halle picked up the prize herself last year.)

“The thing I want to say is that the last bastion of civil rights in the movie business is ageism,” Halle said. “And Helen, you have single-handedly, all by yourself, broken down that barrier because you can age, you can do films that are successful and you can still be hot as hell!”

CLICK HERE to check out Halle’s entire speech!


Posted in Halle Berry on December 6, 2010 by fadedblog

Halle Berry was spotted leaving a restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA on Sunday (December 5 with some friends.

Upon her departure, it looked as though the frequently photographed actress could not escape being shot trying to pick something out of her teeth.

Meanwhile, the Oscars are just around the corner and Halle is definitely throwing herself in the running in the Best Actress category in her latest flick Frankie and Alice. But according longtime Hollywood reporter Roger Friedman, it ain’t gonna happen.

A few highlights from his latest story:

Halle’s try for an Oscar nomination this season isn’t going to work, although I have to give her credit. Her work in “Frankie and Alice” is very good. Unfortunately, the movie is not.

There are so many screenwriters credited to this movie that if they tried to eat together in a restaurant they’d have to book months in advance and leave a deposit. At least seven people admit to butchering “Frankie and Alice.” It is a true hot mess.

The director, Geofffrey Sax, comes from television, and it shows in the worst way. He really falls prey to every TV movie cliche. And yes, he’s hampered by a script so underdeveloped and unknowing that Sax has no place to go anyway. (Believe it or not, the shrink is learning to love jazz–made by black musicians–just as he meets Frankie. Really! LOL)

It’s not easy finding material for women, and for black actresses it’s especially difficult. Halle Berry is so talented and beautiful, you’d think there’d be a way to tailor something for her–and use a decent director. I am rooting for her all the time. But “Frankie and Alice” isn’t going to do it.


Posted in Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez on December 3, 2010 by fadedblog

Halle Berry looked to be in a good mood as she left a West Hollywood restaurant today (December 3) with new boyfriend Olivier Martinez by her side.

However, tempers soon flared as the pair was making their way to their car, resulting in French-born Olivier allegedly striking a photographer before getting into his car and knocking another to the ground with his camera.

What caused Olivier’s angry outburst?

Meanwhile, Halle says she took the part in her new movie to raise awareness of mental illness, because she’s tired of people misunderstanding the problem.

The Oscar-winning actress plays Frankie Murdoch, a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder, in Frankie & Alice. She is keen to make people face the problem of mental illness head on, explaining it is much more prolific than people think. Halle has suffered from depression in the past, and says many don’t even understand what having that illness is like.

“We should talk about it, I hope this movie incites people to talk about the issue,” she explains to Fox News. “I see homeless people on the street and I think people think they’re just derelicts or drug addicts, but many of them really suffer with real mental issues.”

In the movie, one of Frankie’s personalities is racist despite her being a black woman. That concept intrigued Halle greatly, and she is keen to see how the story is received by fans.

“A black woman who splits off into a white racist, right there that’s got to be a story worth telling,” she says. “I really wanted to understand how that could happen, why that would happen and I wanted to see her journey of how she healed herself because our character actually triumphs.”