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Posted in Isla Fisher on October 25, 2010 by fadedblog

Looking lovely in red lace, Isla Fisher attended the world premiere of Burke & Hare at Curzon Chelsea in London, England today (October 25).

The low-budget black comedy set in Scotland about two Irish migrants who killed people in order to sell their bodies for scientific research co-stars Simon Pegg and was directed by John Landis, who also directed Michael Jackson’s Thriller promo.

The Aussie-born beauty claims her co-star assumed she had an eating disorder when she was suffering from morning sickness on the set.

Isla said that while shooting the film she was struggling with morning sickness but Simon just assumed she was making herself ill in order to keep slim.

“I was actually pregnant during the shooting and I had severe morning sickness and I didn’t eat anything and I just vomited all the time,” she told BBC Breakfast Show earlier today. “Simon Pegg is the least observant actor in the planet because he didn’t notice. I think he presumed I was just a typical Hollywood bulimic actress rather than the fact that I was severely sick.”

Isla also admits being a female comic star in the film industry can be tough but it has become a little easier in recent years with the emergence of high-profile comediennes.

She believes the answer lies in being as unique as possible and carving out an individual role.

She explains: “I think you have to create your own role in Hollywood…if you want to get out there and make a fool of yourself you have to create it for yourself which is what I’ve been trying to do.”