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Oprah wrapped up filming her two special Australian shows at the Opera House in Sydney on Tuesday (December 14).

Her special show featured appearances by Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Russell Crowe and Terri and Bindi Irwin, and a special performance by rockers Bon Jovi.

And her famous giveaways were definitely present, with those in attendance receiving pearl necklaces.

Oprah gave $250 000 to cancer sufferer Kristian Anderson and his wife, telling them to take a year off and enjoy their lives.

And the students at Canterbury Boys School had a surprise visit from Jay-Z, with Oprah giving the school $1 million worth of laptops and an upgrade to their music facilities.

But this wasn’t all Oprah had in store — she had a second show to film!

And it wasn’t off to the best of starts, with Hugh Jackman injuring himself when he entered Oprah’s stage via a flying fox. The big screen hunk hurt his eye in the incident, but was well enough to chat to Oprah not long after.

Hugh later managed to get Oprah to try some Vegemite, and Oprah declared, “I like it!”

U2 frontman Bono also made an appearance, and Oprah continued her trend of massive giveaways by giving the crowd diamond necklaces.


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Taking a break from the rap game, Jay-Z attended the Decoded book release at the New York Public Libaray in New York City on Monday (November 15).

The long-delayed, semi-autobiographical book that hit stores yesterday was originally conceived as a tell-all companion piece to Jay’s 2004 Black Album. But the 40-year-old rapper, who shot to stardom after an early career as a drug dealer, had reservations when he saw an early draft.

So, does he dish on his marriage to Beyonce? Not even close. Decoded instead devotes large sections to Jay’s personal philosophy about hip-hop culture, politics, the music industry, sports and whatever else is on his mind.

“I think it was important because of [Barack] Obama and the way the world is moving forward,” Jay-Z told reporters, citing the cultural shift of the urban lifestyle going from below the radar to the forefront. “We finally elected a black man president,” he continued. “So in order for us to close that chapter, to close the last chapter that we have to deal with, we have to really understand it in a way. I guess that’s what therapy is about; you have to understand it in a way before you can move forward.”


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Stepping out for a low-key affair, Beyonce and Jay-Z attended the Experience the Turn event at The Box in New York City last night (November 12).

Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow says she got advice from her good pal Beyonce before performing at the CMA Awards earlier this week.

The 38-year-old said that she was suffering badly with nerves so decided to get help from other singers.

She explained to Access Hollywood: “I kind of asked my girl singer friends for advice. I asked Faith Hill a lot of questions – and Beyonce actually too. I studied Beyonce a lot, and her concerts, for her kind of confidence – and I’m lucky that I know some singers in real life.”


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Jay-Z and wife Beyonce hit up the NBA game in New Jersey last night (October 27) between the Nets and the Detroit Pistons.

Despite the smile, the rapper is not happy about the constant reports that they are expecting.

“I’m just shooting down the rumours before they start,” Jay-Z tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph. “They do that every slow news day, this is like the fifth time. I think we have five kids now. No truth, but I wonder when people will stop giving it relevance?”


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Jay-Z had his stank face on as he enjoyed lunch at Setai restaurant in Miami, Florida this afternoon (October 20).

What could have been the topic of discussion over lunch? Baby news!

The rapper and his wife Beyonce are reportedly expecting their first child.

Beyonce apparently wanted to wait to have children and was surprised, but delighted by the news.

“B was shocked,” a source close to the singer tells Us Weekly. “She loves kids, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet.”

Another source adds that Beyonce sees the baby as “a gift from God and she’s so happy.”

Beyonce is said to be in her first trimester and the couple is “very, very excited” about the pregnancy.

Jay has reportedly wanted kids for some time.

No response from the couple yet.


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Hip-hop history was in Detroit on Thursday (September 2) as Jay-Z and Eminem co-headlined the Motor City’s Comerica Park (home of the D-Town Tigers for the past decade), the first of two shows on consecutive nights.

Not only did Em treat his hometown with an endless string of hits, he pulled off some major surprises. After D12, 50 Cent and the G-Unit — acts that fans likely expected — came out for a performance, Slim Shady pulled off a shocker. Dr. Dre came out, first stunning the people then delighting them with smashes.

“Got dammit, Detroit. Do I love you or what?” Eminem asked his fans. “Look what I brought out for you.”

Jay added: “I know y’all going through a lot, but Detroit has heart and Detroit will be back!”

The ‘Home and Home Tour’ continues Friday night at Comerica Park and head to the Bronx, New York, on September 13 and 14 at Yankee Stadium.