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Posted in Jewel, Ty Murray on August 31, 2010 by fadedblog

Jewel and her husband Ty Murray were spotted leaving the E! Studios after Jewel taped an appearance on the Chelsea Lately show on Monday (August 20).

Wearing a sheer purple top and leggings, Jewel left the studio carrying a copy of Chelsea’s book before making her way to the CNN studios to tape an interview on Larry King Live.

During her appearance, Jewel opened up about an array of subjects. Some highlights:

On Sarah Palin: “I can’t say was agree on everything politically-wise, but Alaskan women are really can-do women. I love the state I’m from. The people up there are really grounded, really down to earth, very unaffected. The women feel like they can do anything. I love that. I like that about Sarah.

On whether she would ever do Dancing with the Stars: “The only reason I really wanted to be on the show was to get abs, which probably isn’t a great reason to do a reality show.”

On performing at the Emmys on Sunday: “I was really honored that they let me sing that song. It’s an unknown song. Nobody ever heard it. It’s not famous. Sort of unusual on a show like that. They usually want a very famous song. It was really a personal song. I wrote it for a friend of mine that passed away from cancer. It’s a difficult song to sing. It was hard to get through there. But I was really glad to sing it. [It’s called] The Shape of You. It’s up on iTunes now, just me on solo acoustic guitar.”

On choosing to go on a motorcycle trip across America with her husband rather than promote her latest album: “We decided while we’re young and still healthy, we wanted to see the country and get to do this amazing ride across the states. So I put an album out in June, and luckily my label was OK with me leaving. I did a short tour and a few TV shows. That was it. I haven’t promoted it ever since. We’ve done about 4000 miles so far. We’re really taking our time, doing the byways and the scenic highways and the mountains. We sought cooler weather, leaving Texas. So we did New Mexico, Colorado, Yellowstone. We’re up in Montana right now. We left our bikes there. I have a 650 GS and he has a 1200. We left them there. We’ll go back there tomorrow.”