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Posted in Andrew Garfield, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie on August 25, 2011 by fadedblog

Never one to miss out on a fashion event, Nicole Richie attended the Band of Outsiders summer event at the Hollywood Forever cemetary in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 24).

Joined by her rocker hubby Joel Madden and Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield, the celebutante designer looked fab at the NET-A-PORTER and hosted event wearing leather pants, black cape and and wide-brimmed hat.

From the event, Nicole tweeted: “Me. @NETAPORTER. Meatballs. @JoelMadden & a cemetery. That is all. #WednesdayNightWut”

Meanwhile, Nicole has composed a poem under the pen name “Nicole Richingway” in honour of her brother-in-law Josh Madden‘s birthday.

Happy Birthday to my brother Josh
Today you won’t be eating squash
Birthday cake is whats for you!
Dont eat a candle or it will come out in your poo!
Even though you’re a year older
You wont be any colder
Because you have lots of sweaters and socks
You are as beautiful as Courtney Cox


Posted in Joel Madden, Nicole Richie on November 23, 2010 by fadedblog

With their wedding day just around the corner, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are busier than ever.

Tending to her premarital fitness, bride-to-be Nicole was spotted leaving the gym in Studio City, CA today (November 23). A day earlier, groom-to-be Joel was busy shopping his day away in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Nicole says she loves to experiment with her look because she thinks it’s important to have fun with fashion as well as expressing herself through clothes.

The celebutante designer tells WWD: “I’ve pretty much always been into fashion, and the fun part is experimenting with different looks. A month ago I had long dark hair and then I chopped it all off and bleached it blonde. That’s what fashion is all about – it’s about playing with different looks. When I was 14, I dyed my hair green, and then I dyed my hair pink. When I was 20, I went through a grunge stage, and then a very sophisticated stage. That’s part of fashion – it’s a way to let go and to express yourself. It’s fun to dress up and play with different looks. I’ve been doing that for really my whole life.”

While she likes to have fun with fashion, mother-of-two Nicole also reveals her pleasure at the fact the industry is staring to use different types of models for their shows.

The 29-year-old adds: “I like that things aren’t so uniform anymore. I love that you’re seeing darker-skinned women and curvier women on the runway. And it’s not putting down any other type. The whole message is it doesn’t matter if you’re thin or you’re curvy. You’re beautiful in your own way. That’s what God gave you, so it’s beautiful.”


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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden enjoyed a happy family moment as they took their daughter Harlow and son Sparrow to California Pizza Kitchen in Hollywood on Thursday (October 7).

While little Sparrow is still a bit too tiny for pizza, daddy’s girl Harlo looked elated to spend time with her dad.

Longtime couple Nicole and Joel are allegedly planning to make their family official sometime this winter with a secret wedding.

Nicole has reportedly put her foot down and forbidden dad Lionel Richie from singing at the wedding.

Earlier this week, Joel said that he’d “love Lionel to play a song” at their bash, which is rumoured to be scheduled for December.

But appearing at a signing for her new book Priceless, 29-year-old Nicole ended his dream, saying: :I’m not down with that!”

The couple are still keeping mum about the actual date of the wedding, with Nicole joking that she never plans to tie the knot, while Joel continued to be equally elusive.

He says, “Are we getting married? Of course we are, we’re engaged. I don’t know when it could happen with our schedules. I’m working this next year and a half.”


Posted in Joel Madden, Nicole Richie on August 8, 2010 by fadedblog

Nicole Richie and her beau Joel Madden were spotted making made there way to Nate ‘n Al restaurant in Beverly Hills this afternoon (August 8).

Taking a break from the daily demands of parenthood, the socialite designer and the tattooed rocker enjoyed a romantic lunch for just the two of them.

Meanwhile, are you Looking for some inspiration?

Here you go.

Nicole took to her blog recently to share a photo of her hard at work designing on her laptop while rocking a massive Indian headdress.

“Winter Kate Spring 2011. Day 2. Thinking cap on, & ready to go.”