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Dressed to dazzle, Emma Stone hosted the Giorgio Armani/Vanity Fair private dinner In Los Angeles on Tuesday night (October 11).

Joined by fellow actresses Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba, the ravishing redhead looked fabulous in her strapless Armani frock as she spent the evening celebrating all things fashion and film.

Meanwhile, Emma says her father would “kill” her if she ever posed naked.

The Help star – who is rumoured to be dating her Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield – has ruled out baring all in a film, as her dad would never speak to her again if she flashed the flesh on screen.

“My dad would kill me if I posed naked,” she says. “He wouldn’t speak to me again and I really love my dad, so that’s always something that makes me a little nervous.”

Despite their reservations about nudity in films, Emma admits her parents always made her feel as though she could achieve anything in her career.

She adds in an interview with You magazine: “They are the coolest parents in the world. They taught us responsibility and the need to own up to our actions and that honesty really is the only policy. My parents always made me feel as though I could do anything – not in a cheerleading, ‘You’re the greatest!’ kind of way; it was more, ‘You’re going to have to work hard, but we’ll support you however we can.'”


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Flanked by her minders, Katie Holmes was spotted arriving at the Digital Domain Studios in Marina del Rey, CA on Wednesday (August 24).

What could the 32-year-old actress be up to? Well, Digital Domain is a visual effects and animation company founded by film director James Cameron, Stan Winston and Scott Ross. The company is known for creating state-of-the-art digital imagery for feature films, television advertising, interactive visual media and the video game industry.

Meanwhile, the new issue of OK! mag delves into a hot topic that always seems to surround Katie — her weight.

“She was so gaunt,” a so-called pal tells the tabloid of Katie’s appearance during the spring. “Friends said, ‘Katie, you look so much older; you need to put flesh on your bones.’”

Katie has gone to great lengths to be thin, like eating a raw-foods diet. “When she wants to slim down for a role, she eats only unprocessed raw vegetables,” says the source. “Because of the sugar content, she tries not to eat fruit; if she does, she usually sticks to berries, because they have the lowest glycemic index.”

So, what does Katie eat on a typical raw-foods day? “She’ll have carrot soup and a yam for lunch and broccoli for dinner, and she’ll keep a handful of raw almonds for a snack,” says the source, who adds that the diet is extreme. “She doesn’t sustain it for long.”

“After shooting, Tom will take her out so she can pig out and get some much-needed protein,” says an insider. It’s another favourite of Katie’s. “She does a lot of low- carb, high-protein. She and Tom love meat. They have steak houses, like Mastro’s and Cut, in Beverly Hills that they hit regularly. Katie starts with an iceberg wedge and then gets a lean cut of steak.” Another insider says Katie also eats “mostly organic food, avoiding anything processed. White flour and sugar are out, unless she’s treating Suri.”

And what she’s doing is working. “Katie appears to be around 130 pounds,” celeb nutritionist Oz Garcia, Ph.D., who doesn’t work with Katie, tells OK!. “She’s in a healthy BMI.”Ultimately, it’s about balance. “She is a pretty level-headed Midwestern girl,” her pal says. “In the end, it makes sense that she chooses health.”


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Katie Holmes looked fresh-faced and fancy-free as she attended the Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark press conference at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York City on Tuesday (August 9).

Sporting a high-waisted burnt orange skirt and an ivory top, the 32-year-old actress kept it fashionably understated as she spent the afternoon speaking to various media outlets about her new Troy Nixey-directed thriller.

Meanwhile, Katie has revealed that she dances in her car.

The big screen beauty admitted her passion for dancing while driving during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday.

Katie said of the places she likes to dance: “My kitchen, a lot of times. I dance in my car. In fact, I’ve gotten caught before but it doesn’t stop me. I think, ‘You know what, I like to do it!’ When I see other people doing it I think, ‘That’s right! Enjoy it!'”

She added: “It’s all upper body. I don’t take my feet off the pedals!”

Katie appeared as a guest judge on last night’s season finale of So You Think You Can Dance alongside Kenny Ortega, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, and told Jimmy Fallon that she is a big fan of the series.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark opens August 26.


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Katie Holmes visited the NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City today (August 9) to tape tonight’s instalment of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

While promoting her upcoming thriller Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, the 32-year-old actress could be seen engaging in a rousing game of Pictionary.

Meanwhile, Katie’s director Troy Nixe is praising her parental skills.

“I was looking for someone who had a really strong maternal instinct. Someone who would be believable in the process of at first not being a parent and then taking a responsibility in that role as the movie went on,” he told OK! at last night’s premiere. “I knew that Katie with her strength and her innate ability to be maternal and as an actor would be able to do it.”

How is she as a mother to her own daughter, Suri?

“Oh fantastic. Fantastic! Absolutely incredible,” he gushed.

Suri is no stranger to being on movie sets either.

“She’s very smart. She knows what’s going on,” Troy explained. “It’s a set, she’s probably been on every set her mom and dad have done, she knows what’s going on. ”

Troy also had only kind words for Katie’s hubby Tom Cruise calling him “such a friendly guy, such an outgoing guy.”


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Tending to her fitness, Katie Holmes was spotted heading to the gym in Beverly Hills today (December 14).

Very early this morning, the brunette beauty had the honor of being a presenter at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Award Nomination Announcement ceremonies in Los Angeles.

As for family patriarch Tom Cruise‘s whereabouts? He’s busy shooting Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in Vancouver, Canada. The 48-year-old will reprise his role as secret agent Ethan Hunt in the new film, which is being filmed 14 years after the original Mission: Impossible film in 1996.

Stunts for the upcoming action film, due for release in America in December 2011, include Tom scaling the tallest building in the world, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, for a chase around the skyscraper.

Mission: Impossible II is one of the top 100 most successful films of all time in the U.S. and has made over $215 million at the box office to date.


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The Grove was a busy place this afternoon in Los Angeles today (December 13) as actress Katie Holmes got to work on her upcoming flick, Jack and Jill.

Between scenes, the big screen beauty was all smiles as she was shown something on director Dennis Dugan‘s iPhone.

Meanwhile, Katie is set to join Josh Duhamel and Blair Underwood as she announces the Golden Globe nominees tomorrow morning.

The three stars will reveal the nominations alongside Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk.

The Golden Globes recognize outstanding achievement in film and television. The nominees in 25 categories will be announced at 5am at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Katie and Josh starred together in The Romantics.

The Golden Globes will air on January 16, 2011 on NBC with Ricky Gervais returning to host from last year.