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Posted in Kody Brown on October 7, 2010 by fadedblog

Robyn flashes a glimpse of her engagement ring while arm-in-arm with fiancee Kody Brown while enjoying the day on Sunday (October 3).

After 16 years of marriage between Sister Wives star and polygamist Kody and wives Meri, Janelle and Christine, the introduction of potential fourth wife Robyn may wreak havoc on the dynamic of the Mormon family of 17.

Though the wives initially expressed acceptance toward Kody’s newest lover, the slender and beautiful Robyn could stir up jealousy and discontent among the sister wives, ripping apart the foundation that keeps the chaotic family in sync.

The normal stress of polygamist life and the newfound drama of televising their private family activity could be exasperated by the addition of Robyn and her three children.

First wife Meri, who has been married to Kody for 20 years, has already expressed her unhappiness about the addition of Robyn.

Could the other wives and children be next?