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Posted in Lance Armstrong on November 30, 2010 by fadedblog

Lance Armstrong and family were spotted laying out at a beach in Miami today (November 30) while enjoying their vacation.

Despite being a 7-time Tour de France winner, it looks like the family time may be taking a toll on Lance’s always in-shape form.

While laying under the sun, Lance tweeted a photo fo his six-week-old daughter Olivia and wrote: “Hanging poolside with a beautiful little lady.”

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors will soon have to either stop chasing the seven-time Tour de France winner or present a charge that ties one of the world’s most famous athletes to drug use.

Lance’s popularity, his wealth, his ties to powerful figures including former US presidents, his vehement denials, scores of clean drug tests – and, above all, his status as a cancer survivor and advocate for eradicating the disease – make him a rather tough target.

But for those who believe Armstrong cheated, all of those obstacles are less important than proving his guilt and striking perhaps the biggest blow to date against performance-enhancing drugs.


Posted in Lance Armstrong on November 29, 2010 by fadedblog

Lance Armstrong was spotted arriving at his hotel in Miami, Florida on Sunday (November 28) with his girlfriend Anna Hansen and their son Max Armstrong.

While the champion cyclist took care of luggage duties, his blonde lady love could be seen toting their 17-month-old boy inside their uber luxe hotel.

Following their arrival, Lance and Anna promptly put baby Max to bed and hit the town. Before stepping out, Lance tweeted, “Date night with [Anna] here in Miami. Love this town.”

Lance is among the many celebrities in Miami slated to attend Art Basel, an international contemporary art exhibition.

Meanwhile, disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis is once again accusing Lance, his former team-mate, of being involved in systematic doping during his spectacular Tour de France career.

Taking to the press, he reiterated claims against Lance, alleging the seven-time Tour de France champion and cancer survivor doped during his career.

When Landis was asked whether his teammates were using doping, he answered: “All riders, me included, who participated in the races that Lance Armstrong won, did it.”

For his part, Lance has always denied doping during his career.