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Posted in Lou Dobbs on October 7, 2010 by fadedblog

He long reported on the decline of American jobs, but it appears even Lou Dobbs loves cheap labor.

The Nation magazine is reporting that former the CNN anchor relied on illegal immigrants to help maintain his homes.

The yearlong investigation is based on interviews with five immigrants who worked without papers on Dobbs’ properties in New Jersey and Florida.

Rodrigo Ortega, a native of Chiapas, Mexico, said Dobb “knew very well that the majority of us didn’t have papers,” but this was “never a problem.”

For his part, Dobbs said in an interview today the article is “a political assault” based on what he called “the lie” that he has hired illegal immigrants.

He adds: “I have never, do not now, and never will.”

UPDATE: Lou tweets: “The Nation tries to do a hit piece on me, attacks my daughter, and the national liberal media asks no question of the left wing house organ.” He adds: “Few news organizations even feel responsibie to point out to their audiences that the Nation is a left wing acivist, advocacy pubulication.”