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Posted in Mischa Barton on November 7, 2010 by fadedblog

Judging by that smile on her face, Mischa Barton wasn’t suffering from the pitfalls of depression on Saturday (November 6).

Joined by her dog Ziggy, the troubled actress attended the 2010 Beverly Hills Fashion Fair in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, Mischa treated her pooch to some pampering as she hot her hair done at an upscale dog salon in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, rumour has it Mischa has finally landed a job!

According to sources, the former OC star and fellowed washed up actress Rebecca De Mornay have signed on to star in Apartment 1303, the American remake of the Japanese ghost film.

Apartment 1303 revolves around a rental unit that has the distinction of driving young women to suicide. The director behind the project is Daniel Fridell. And the film is expected to shoot in 3D.

If true, the remake would begin shooting in Detroit early next year.



Posted in Mischa Barton on October 18, 2010 by fadedblog

Mischa Barton isn’t afraid of stepping out sans makeup.

Proudly showing off her bare face, the 24-year-old struggling actress was all dead in the eyes as she headed for home after watching South Afirican hip-hop band Die Antwoord at the Music Box in West Hollywood on Sunday (October 17).

Meanwhile, though he was nowhere to be seen, Mischa says her boyfriend Ali Love is a “real sweetheart.”

The former O.C. starlet has been dating the British DJ since early summer, and their relationship appears to be going from strength to strength.

Mischa loves spending time with Ali because he treats her so well, and she admits it must be hard for him to cope with her enormous fame. Luckily Ali is very laidback, so Mischa says he deals with attention from the public well, teasing that she probably wouldn’t be as understanding were she in his shoes.

“He’s amazing, such a sweetheart,” she gushed in an interview with the British edition of OK! magazine. “I really do feel for him with the paparazzi. I feel for anyone who wants to hang out with me or date me – I’m not sure that I would! Ali’s such a cool guy.”


Posted in Mischa Barton on October 14, 2010 by fadedblog

Mischa Barton crawled out of bed this morning to attend the Pup-Peroni Couch Talk at Balboa Sports Center in Encino, CA today (October 14).

Joined by her dogs Ziggy and Charlie, the sometimes actress was in good spirits as she spent the day promoting the dog treat company in return for an appearance fee.

Meanwhile, despite the gazed over smile, Mischa is opening up about her battle with the blues.

“I suffer from depression and that’s the truth. I’ve never told anybody that,” she confesses to OK! mag.

Reflecting on her struggles in 2009, the former O.C. star says: “That was a tumultuous year. It was one thing after another and it led to a pretty reasonable breakdown.”

Miss Barton admits she can be a little outlandish at times, but rejects any suggestion she was “mentally unstable.”

“I am pretty crazy and weird sometimes, but not mentally unstable,” she says.

Looking on the bright side and exploring her creative passions help the 24-year-old cope with her condition, she says.

“I balance [depression] with positive things in my life and that’s why I have my outlets of music and literature … As much as I get down, I’m an upbeat person. People always think of me as kind of a light in a room – I love to make people laugh.”


Posted in Mischa Barton on October 12, 2010 by fadedblog

A glum looking Mischa Barton attended an exclusive ‘Simply Stylist’ by Caro Marketing event in West Hollywood last night (October 11).

Joined by The Hills star Louise Roe, the former OC star appeared dissociative as she posed for cameras in her less than flattering velvet suit.

Meanwhile, Mischa says she can’t hear British TV and radio presenter Fearne Cotton‘s name without seeing red after they did a documentary together called Fearne and….

Speaking to Britain’s OK! magazine, she says: “I think that Fearne Cotton’s show is a joke and she’s a joke. I can’t hear Fearne’s name without seeing red, because it seems to me that she just wants to further her career by talking about young actresses and not in a particularly positive way. It’s bizarre because in the episode she has two completely opposing ideas of me. She thinks I’m cool and awesome in some narration and in the other part she’s like: ‘Oh, God, we’re waiting and waiting and I don’t know if I’m getting to see the real Mischa Barton.”

Miss Barton adds: “I wish I hadn’t done it and that’s bad because there are enough misconceptions about me in the press. She’s got nothing to lose if she makes a more salacious story, she’s only got everything to gain. I just find her messed up, to be honest.”

It doesn’t end there. Mischa concludes with: “I cried my eyes out when I first saw it because I was like: ‘Are you kidding me? This is the way you want to portray me? I’ve let you into my life.”


Posted in Mischa Barton on October 11, 2010 by fadedblog

Dressed as a homeless flapper, Mischa Barton managed to single-handedly run Veuve Clicquot’s exclusive polo event in Los Angeles on Sunday (October 10).

After keeping photographers waiting for hours, the former OC star eventually turned up just as the final whistle blew at end of the posh polo match, sporting a particularly unflattering calf-length black and white dress, complete with feather headband.

Miss Barton may have missed most of the action but plenty of other stars came out to celebrate the return of polo to the West Coast of America, including Johnny Lee Miller, Brittany Snow and Minnie Driver.

Since the sport hasn’t really been played in LA since the 1920s, Mishca wasn’t the only one who opted to dress up.

Said fellow attendee Rachel Zoe: “To be honest I think we’ve lost so much of [the Hollywood glamour]. You can pretty much wear jeans to a black tie [event] at this point, I feel like when we’re forced to dress up it’s so much fun.”


Posted in Mischa Barton on September 29, 2010 by fadedblog

Joined by model Irina Lazareanu, actress Mischa Barton attended the Cointreau party at Dita Von Teese‘s bar in Paris, France last night (September 28).

The 24-year-old starlet was in good spirits considering she just split from her boyfriend, British DJ Ali Live.

Meanwhile, Mischa is reportedly quitting Hollywood.

The former O.C. star is said to be planning to move to London.

A source close to Mischa tells Heat magazine: “Mischa’s found a great new guy. She can’t wait to move to London to be with him. It’s already in the works.”

Miss Barton is also hoping to launch a stage career and has set her sights on landing a leading role in a production in the UK capital’s West End theatre district.


Posted in Mischa Barton on August 15, 2010 by fadedblog

Mischa Barton has recently returned to Los Angeles after pending time in London with her boyfriend.

The troubled actress made a stop at a self car wash yesterday (August 14) where she showed off her hard work for her reality pilot in hopes to be picked up for a full season rumored to be for Oxygen’s network.

Meanwhile, Mischa was reportedly humiliated by disgruntled party-goers at a ritzy party recently.

When the car crash caner arr­ived late, security was beefed up and revellers were not allowed to leave.

With dozens of people waiting for taxis outside London’s Victoria House, an outraged bunch of girls stormed the space where Mischa was attempting to strike a pose for photographers.

One partygoer tells the Daily Star: “I hate her, I’m not missing my taxi just ’cos she’s turned up. Who the hell is Mischa Barton anyway, nobody gives a flying fig about her. It’s ridiculous.”