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Posted in Nelly Furtado on September 10, 2010 by fadedblog

Taking a break from her singing duties, Nelly Furtado attended the premiere of Score: A Hockey Musical during the 35th Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall on Thursday (September 9).

Looking lovely in a pleated leather skirt and embellished top, the Canadian-born songbird was in great spirits as she joined her co-stars as the debut of her campy new hockey musical.

Described as “Canadian with a vengeance,” and the most “unashamedly, irrepressibly, gleefully parochial film” ever to open the Toronto film festival, it has also been panned by critics. Not that director Michael McGowan gives a flying hockey puck.

The pretext for the film is “so incongruous and ridiculous” and it features Olivia Newton John, who “doesn’t do films anymore so her coming to Canada to do a movie has caught everyone’s attention,” that “it has to work,” he says. “Canadians are known as nice, kind people. We’re not self-aggrandizing. And we haven’t explored our patriotism as much as we could.”

As for what it’s like to work alongside the likes of Olivia and Nelly? “You never know when stars come on set how it will all go down. She (Olivia) was incredibly fun and made it great for everyone else. And then for Nelly Furtado to come on set and be a part of it, to be true to the spirit of it.”