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Trade publication The Hollywood Reporter is getting a makeover with a new glossy format and weekly distribution.

The first issue in the new publication features a roundtable discussion with award-nominated actors of all ages.

Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank, Natalie Portman, Helena Bonham Carter and Annette Bening all grace the cover, and an hour-long discussion about what it’s like to be a lady in the biz.

A few highlights:

On How some roles change their perspective
Natalie: “Oh definitely. I definitely see skinny people as sad now. It’s so sad to be skinny. (Laughs)”
Annette: “I didn’t think you were going to say that. (Laughs)”
Natalie: “I used to be like, ‘Oh, wow, I want to look like a model too,’ and now I’m like, ‘They’re sad.'”

On losing roles
Hilary: “There was a script I fell in love with back in August that was sent to me…I went in and I didn’t get it.”
Annette: “Who did?”
Hilary: “Do you really want to know?”
Annette: “Amy, you got it, didn’t you?”
Hilary (to Amy): “Did you read it? Did you like it?”
Amy: “I’m not getting into this!” (Thunderous laughter)
Hilary: “Amy got the role! Amy will be playing the role that I wanted!” (Laughs)
Amy: “Let me just say, I’m not doing it. We don’t normally talk about this!”

Helena on working with Tim Burton
Helena: “It’s very different. I did do a film with him before I slept with him, and it’s very different. We went through a really bad time on Sweeney Todd. … I didn’t get one compliment (from Burton). He really had this whole thing, like he didn’t want to seem as if he was favouring me. So he’d go in the opposite direction. And Tim and Johnny (Depp), they have their lovely relationship, you know, they get on so well. So that was a difficult one. … I really didn’t think he’d ever want to work with me again. On Alice (in Wonderland), I said there were going to be rules. … I listed the Ten Commandments of how to work together.”


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Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban were spotted picking up their daughter Sunday Rose from what looked to be a children’s day care on Monday (October 4) while spending time in Nashville, Tennessee.

From the looks of Nicole’s outfit consisting of riding boots and khakis, it appears the Oscar-winning actress has become an equestrian rider while she is back home. Or, of course, she just likes the style!

Meanwhile, CLICK HERE to check out an exclusive pic from Nicole’s upcoming flick Trespass.

Directed by Joel Schumacher, the plot centers on a married couple (Nicole and Nicolas Cage), who are being held captive in their home when startling revelations of deception and betrayal arise.

Rising stars Jordana Spiro and Cam Gigandet also make appearances. The script is from Eli Richbourg (executive producer of Blood Creek) and Karl Gajdusek (writer of Taken).

No release date given yet.


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Behind the glamour and glitz offered by their celebrity status, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban look completely content living simply as a happy family in their quiet Nashville community, watching their 2 year old daughter Sunday Rose blossom into a beautiful young girl.

The family enjoyed a sunny fall day on Sunday (October 1) as Keith and Nicole went shopping for pumpkins in the morning before Nicole visited a local Target store to buy a Halloween costume for little Sunday.

Photographed for the first time walking with mommy, little Sunday Rose showed how grown up she’s gotten and how much she resembles her famous parents.

Then just yesterday, Nicole took time out of her busy schedule with a morning jog in Nashville that revealed a bit too much of her anatomy in ill-fitting exercise pants.

While the 43-year-old star stikes an elegant pose on red carpets around the world, her sense of fashion while exercising at home is more old maid than fashion maven.

When Nicole’s assistant pulled up to offer her some water, the actress hiked up her pants well past her waist, suffocating her nether regions and creating a cringeworthy fashion disaster — the dreaded camel toe!


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Nicole Kidman is the latest celebrity A-lister to descend upon the Toronto Film Festival

Joined by hubby Keith Urban, the Oscar-winning actress premiered her latest flick, Rabbit Hole, at The Elgin in Toronto this evening (September 13).

Looking pretty in Prada, Nicole was on hand to debut her new movie about a woman coping with the loss of her son.

Nicole’s performance is already getting lots of buzz, and after a string of poorly received projects, we look forward to seeing her back in fine form!