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Posted in Andrew Garfield, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie on August 25, 2011 by fadedblog

Never one to miss out on a fashion event, Nicole Richie attended the Band of Outsiders summer event at the Hollywood Forever cemetary in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 24).

Joined by her rocker hubby Joel Madden and Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield, the celebutante designer looked fab at the NET-A-PORTER and hosted event wearing leather pants, black cape and and wide-brimmed hat.

From the event, Nicole tweeted: “Me. @NETAPORTER. Meatballs. @JoelMadden & a cemetery. That is all. #WednesdayNightWut”

Meanwhile, Nicole has composed a poem under the pen name “Nicole Richingway” in honour of her brother-in-law Josh Madden‘s birthday.

Happy Birthday to my brother Josh
Today you won’t be eating squash
Birthday cake is whats for you!
Dont eat a candle or it will come out in your poo!
Even though you’re a year older
You wont be any colder
Because you have lots of sweaters and socks
You are as beautiful as Courtney Cox


Posted in Nicole Richie on August 15, 2011 by fadedblog

Nicole Richie wasn’t in the mood to be photographed as she stepped out in Los Angeles on Sunday night (August 14).

Takes a break from filming her new reality TV show Fashion Star, the reality TV starlet was suffering from a severe case of camera shyness as she enjoyed a night out at the movies with her friends.

Meanwhile, it appears Nicole and hubby Joel Madden can be your landlord. That is, of course, if you’re willing to fork over $5950 per month for rent.

The Glendale, CA home was once featured on MTV Cribs and was Joel’s party pad before he settled down and had a family with Nicole.

CLICK HERE to view the listing.

The house totals 4800 square feet and includes a spacious front patio. The home was built in 1930 and has since been remodeled in order to retain many of the classic details and touches.


Posted in Nicole Richie on December 2, 2010 by fadedblog

Nicole Richie got some much-needed stress relief today (December 2) with a workout at her gym in Studio City, CA.

The socialite was looking relaxed after reportedly settling her case with the paparazzo accused of harassing her daughter Harlow at school.

Photographer Fabricio Luis Mariotto has agreed to stay away from her family for five years.

Mariotto agreed to sign a document drawn up by Nicole’s lawyer to guarantee he will stay away from her and her family for that time period.

In return, the 29-year-old celebutante designer will drop her prior court request for a permanent restraining order against the paparazzo.


Posted in Nicole Richie on November 30, 2010 by fadedblog

With the big day just around the corner, Nicole Richie keeps up with her busy gym schedule in Studio City, CA on Monday (November 29).

The bride-to-be is said to wed her longtime boyfriend and father of her two children Joel Madden at some point in December which is just days away.

Meanwhile, Nicole is hoping to the paparazzi once and for all that they shouldn’t get too close to her children.

The socialite designer may participate in a hearing on Wednesday in a downtown Los Angeles civil court. Her goal? To extend a temporary restraining order against a photographer who’s “getting too close” to her daughter Harlow.

This will make the restraining order permanant, lasting up to three years.

A source close to Miss Richie and the hearing is quoted as saying: “Nicole’s attorneys will put on the stand several preschool teachers from Harlow’s school that have witnessed this photographer crossing the line trying to get pictures. Nicole is fiercly protective of her children, and won’t tolerate this. Nicole could testify also.”

The source adds that Nicole is “very busy planning her wedding to Joel, but she will drop everything to protect their children.”


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Nicole Richie is busy working herself into perfect shape with no time to waste — even during the holidays!

Tending to her fitness, the bride-to-be was spotted heading to the gym on Friday afternoon (November 26) the day after Thanksgiving in Studio City, CA.

Meanwhile, Nicole says she feels confident that she knows what her customers want.

The celebrity fashion designer reveals in a interview that the feedback she’s received by talking to her buyers across the world has helped her discover their needs.

She tells WWD: “I have been travelling all over the world, meeting with buyers, doing appearances and meeting my customers to get their feedback. Now I feel I know them very well, and have been designing for them.”

Miss Richie is behind the labels House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate.


Posted in Joel Madden, Nicole Richie on November 23, 2010 by fadedblog

With their wedding day just around the corner, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are busier than ever.

Tending to her premarital fitness, bride-to-be Nicole was spotted leaving the gym in Studio City, CA today (November 23). A day earlier, groom-to-be Joel was busy shopping his day away in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Nicole says she loves to experiment with her look because she thinks it’s important to have fun with fashion as well as expressing herself through clothes.

The celebutante designer tells WWD: “I’ve pretty much always been into fashion, and the fun part is experimenting with different looks. A month ago I had long dark hair and then I chopped it all off and bleached it blonde. That’s what fashion is all about – it’s about playing with different looks. When I was 14, I dyed my hair green, and then I dyed my hair pink. When I was 20, I went through a grunge stage, and then a very sophisticated stage. That’s part of fashion – it’s a way to let go and to express yourself. It’s fun to dress up and play with different looks. I’ve been doing that for really my whole life.”

While she likes to have fun with fashion, mother-of-two Nicole also reveals her pleasure at the fact the industry is staring to use different types of models for their shows.

The 29-year-old adds: “I like that things aren’t so uniform anymore. I love that you’re seeing darker-skinned women and curvier women on the runway. And it’s not putting down any other type. The whole message is it doesn’t matter if you’re thin or you’re curvy. You’re beautiful in your own way. That’s what God gave you, so it’s beautiful.”