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Posted in Paris Hilton on August 24, 2011 by fadedblog

Paris Hilton has gone blue.

On the search for a new look, the 30-year-old attention seeker sported an electric blue wig as she did some shopping at Hollywood Wigs in Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 23).

Following her after of retail therapy, she tweeted: “Just went to a wig store on Hollywood Blvd and bought a wig in almost every color of the rainbow. Have a lot of fun photoshoot’s [sic] coming up.”

Paris will have plenty of time for shopping in the future amid news that her latest attempt in unscripted series world is going be a short-lived one.

While Oxygen has not officially announced the fate of The World According to Paris, new reports claim the network has no plans to pick up the show for a second season.

Debuting with only around 400,000 viewers in June, the reality series revolving around the hotel heiress was sinking even lower in subsequent airings.


Posted in Paris Hilton on August 18, 2011 by fadedblog

Now that her career has fizzled out in America, Paris Hilton is seeking foreign markets.

Dressed in yet another sparkly sparkly minidress, the 30-year-old celebutante still managed to draw a gathering during a press conference at the financial district of Makati City in the Philippines on Wednesday (August 17).

Paris was on hand to announce herself as the newest brand ambassador of Azure Urban Resort Residences. She will help design the Azure Beach Club, a beach-front property in the middle of Manila.

“I will personally help design The Azure Beach Club, creating a unique and special place that will bring happiness to many people. I’m excited for people to experience it,” she said in a statement.

One day before the said press junket, Paris met with boxer-turned-politician Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee.

After the Tuesday dinner, the hotel heiress tweeted that she loves the gifts by Jinkee and Manny and appreciates the gesture of the couple of welcoming her in the country.

“I am loving the Philippines! Having the best time! Went to dinner with my friends Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao tonight.”

“They had a dinner party for me and introduced me to all their lovely friends. We all had so much fun talking and laughing. The people in the Philippines are so warm, welcoming, genuine and sweet.”

“The Pacquiao’s are such a beautiful and amazing couple! Manny is such an incredible boxer and great friend. Jinkee looked so stunning tonight; she had the hottest Herve Leger dress on. Such a memorable evening! I feel lucky to have such special people in my life.”

The three had previous met earlier this year in Las Vegas after Pacquiao defeated American fighter Shane Mosley.


Posted in Paris Hilton on December 15, 2010 by fadedblog

Once upon a time, Paris Hilton rubbed elbows with the A list at fabulous parties. These days, the hotel heiress is picking up random jobs whenever she can.

Such was the case on Tuesday night (December 14) as Paris hosted former Playboy Playmate of the Month Jennifer Rovero‘s birthday at the Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Paris is reportedly set to launch her own motorbike racing team which will compete in next year’s 125cc world championships.

The 29-year-old will front the Supermartxe VIP by Paris Hilton team, which is set to be launched on 18 December.

Paris claims she is taking her career in a new direction after recently doing some community service for her drug offences.

Her team will be taking part in the 125cc championships, where young riders get their first experience of global motorcycling competitions.


Posted in Paris Hilton on December 7, 2010 by fadedblog

Looking boho chic, Paris Hilton stopped off at her local luxury car dealership in Beverly Hills on Monday (December 6).

While perusing the shop it appeared that the hotel heiress was doing the unthinkable — trading her custom made Barbie pink Bentley Continental GT for a much more conservative black Rolls Royce Ghost.

A swarm of paparazzi snapped photos of her as she drove off in a $300 000 Rolls. The mob of photographers then jumped in their cars and followed her as she traveled west down Olympic Blvd.

Paris seemed quite taken with the vehicle, writing on Twitter: “The Rolls Royce Ghost drives better then [sic] any car I’ve ever driven. So smooth and such a sexy car. Loves it!”

Is Paris trying to look more tame in time for her new reality show?


Posted in Paris Hilton on December 3, 2010 by fadedblog

For Paris Hilton, even a lunch date can double as a photo-op.

The hotel heiress looked camera-ready as she arrived at The Ivy in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 2) hand-in-hand with boyfriend Cy Waits.

Meanwhile, Paris has been seen non-stop with sudden BFF Brooke Mueller as they film a reality show together but on Wednesday night Brooke was left behind as Paris was escorted inside Las Palmas by security with the camera crew. Brooke entered the club moments after but alone without help and then left alone at the end of the night when Paris left with Cy.

“Where’s Brooke?” Paris could be heard shouting as she ducked inside the club.

“I’m here, baby!” Brooke yelled from the sidewalk, as she makes her way in alone. “Paris!”

Brooke ended up going home alone as she was chaffeured solo in a hybrid SUV.

Will the lack of attention make Brooke lose control again?


Posted in Paris Hilton on December 2, 2010 by fadedblog

Doing what she does best, Paris Hilton was seen wandering aimlessly while out and about in West Hollywood on Wednesday (December 1).

The 29-year-old socialite kept hydrated with a fresh glass of lemonade as she spent the afternoon shopping and paparazzi hunting.

Meanwhile, though she was fully mobile on this day, Paris was left stranded in Los Angeles on Tuesday after her hybrid car broke down.

The hotel heiress was driving through Los Feliz, CA when her GMC Yukon hybrid suddenly stopped at the side of the road. Paris subsequently discovered she had run out of gas and electricity, which are both required to power the vehicle.

She eventually called her BFF Brooke Mueller to help her out, and the estranged wife of Charlie Sheen quickly arrived on the scene with petrol canisters to fill up Paris’ engine.

Paris even kept her fans up to date with her driving drama throughout the incident, writing on Twitter, “So brutal, my car ran out of gas, waiting for my girls to come rescue me. I saw that it said low fuel, but it said I had 32 miles of gas left. So I thought I could make it to the gas station. Brooke to the rescue! Thank goodness for great friends.”