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Posted in Lauryn Hill, Pras Michel on November 1, 2010 by fadedblog

In a revealing new video interview, former Fugees rapper Pras Michel opens up about his ex-bandmates Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean.

He blames their 1997 split on clashing egos and Lauryn and Wyclef’s rocky romantic relationship.

“I just made sure I kept the balance because you had two personalities,” he says. “If I became the third personality, it would have just split everything apart from the beginning.”

Following the split, the once-uber successful Lauryn has become a “recluse” and has exhibited some unusual behaviour, which Pras attributes to heartache, not craziness. “Her love was music and the group was her love. Obviously, she had a relationship with Wyclef also, but personal things get in the middle, the ego got into it. With fame, it does a lot things to you, and I think that really upset her,” he says. “When you sacrifice and you gave so much love to an entity and you don’t feel that love back, then … something kind of, like, triggers in your mind. … But, she’s not crazy; she’s fine, she’s perfect.”