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Posted in Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt on September 30, 2010 by fadedblog

What’s good news to some is bad news to most.

We regret to report that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have reconciled after Heidi asked her lawyers to withdraw the divorce papers she filed this summer.

“We are back together trying to make things work,” the happy couple tells People mag. “Costa Rica really put things in perspective. We do love each other and realized we do want to spend the rest of our lives together.”

And now….on to the next publicity stunt!!



Posted in Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt on September 23, 2010 by fadedblog

Despite their endless paid photo-ops, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are reportedly facing serious money issues. In fact, they’ve moved in to one of Spencer’s mother’s beach homes to save money!

The tabloid terrors apparently left their $5 million Malibu rental home because they could no longer afford the $20 000-a-month rent.

“The truth is that they are cash-strapped right now and their only real form of income these days is from set-up paparazzi photographs,” a source is quoted as saying. “But the U.S. magazines are not really that interested in them anymore and they are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. A lot of the editors know that the recent split story was a complete sham and they realize that there readers can see through it all now too. Spencer thought the shaving off his beard stunt would make a lot of money but he kind of blew it by releasing footage of him shearing it on YouTube. Heidi believes that they should be getting paid a lot more money and she has become really demanding now too. The reality is that they earned a lot of money but did not invest it wisely, spent way too much, and now they are in trouble.”

What? You mean 10 different plastic surgery procedures in one day is not considered an investment?


Posted in Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt on September 22, 2010 by fadedblog

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag appear to have reconciled after a very odd and rather lengthy estrangement.

Looking more in love than ever, the on-again couple were all smiles as they posed in matching outfits on a Malibu beach on Monday (September 20) appeaing to be relaxed and and affectionate after a bitter few months of separation.

The next day, Mr. and Mrs. donned bright floral outfits as they once again hammed it up for camera in what is presumably their latest paid photo-op.

Love looks good on Spencer — he has cut his hair and shaved off his infamous beard after a year of growth in an effort to win back Heidi. CLICK HERE to check out video of Spencer shaving it all of!

The duo are back in L.A. after an exile in Costa Rica followed by Spencer’s sudden banishment from the country after an arrest for illegal possession of a firearm.


Posted in Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt on September 16, 2010 by fadedblog

For her 24th birthday, Heidi Montag, hubby Spencer Pratt and friends Venom, Garth and Cougar spent the day at the Santa Barbara Zoo on Wednesday (September 15).

In honor of her big day, Heidi and her crew feasted on lobster and fish on the Santa Barbara Pier. After dinner, Spencer talked about being arrested in Costa Rica and offered his advice for other Costa Rican travelers.

Meanwhile, mega producer RedOne is hitting back at reports that he is working with Heidi on new music.

Earlier in the week, Us Weekly claimed that Lady GaGa‘s hitmaker is “writing and producing” the whole of Heidi’s second album.

“We are going to do it big,” he was quoted as saying. “She finally found someone she connected with – me. When it doesn’t work with an artist, it doesn’t work. With her, it’s perfect. You can tell in the music that we connect. She’s really good, and I love her personality and the way it comes through in a song. She makes you believe it. She’s great in the studio.”

But RedOne now insists he isn’t collaborating with the former star of The Hills, as he wrote on Twitter: “I cannot Believe the LIES they are putting out about me producing Heidi Montag’s album!!! NOT TRUE!!!!!”

He further added in a second tweet: “I have all respect for her!!! but I’m not producing her album!”


Posted in Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt on September 14, 2010 by fadedblog

In their latest staged photo-op, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted together at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer event held in Santa Barbara, California on Sunday (September 12).

Heidi, who went unnoticed, was at the event to show her support for breast cancer research. Sporting a bandage on her nose and baseball cap pulled down over her face, the failed aspiring pop star also wore a pink Avon Walk for Breast Cancer top.

Spencer, who was only the day before waws deported from Costa Rica for allegedly carrying a firearm while traveling back to California, sported a long scruffy beard and an American flag baseball hat and a wrist watch on each arm.

The couple who arrived and left separately appeared eager to see one another as Spencer sprinted across the field to greet his so-called estranged wife.

Needless to say, these photographs have cast more doubt over the veracity of the couple’s ongoing separation.

Mr. and Mrs. Pratt had been in Costa Rica since August 14.


Posted in Spencer Pratt on September 8, 2010 by fadedblog

Spencer Pratt has apologized to his estranged wife, Heidi Montag, for acting out in their breakup.

As you may recall, the former reality TV stars separated last May after one year of marriage.

Heidi cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for separation from Spencer in June. After that, Spencer said he would release a sex tape featuring Heidi and a Playboy pin-up.

Now Spencer tells the AP in an email sent this afternoon that the demise of their relationship was so painful he wanted to lash out.

The 27-year-old single man admits making “certain private issues public” and “horribly embarrassing the one person who meant the world to me.”

He adds that his behaviour was “outrageous and infantile.”

Now Spencer says he’s failed at handling his divorce with dignity and maturity and vows to work on himself.

And so the saga that no one cares about continues…


Posted in Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt on August 31, 2010 by fadedblog

Posing for their latest photo-op, Spencer Pratt was “spotted” arriving at Heidi Montag‘s private villa in Costa Rica today (August 31) in order to exchange dogs.

As part of their divorce terms, Heidi and Spencer retain joint custody of the four puppies they adopted over the year they were married.

Spencer, dressed in blue board shorts and carrying a backpack, waited in front of Heidi’s villa holding two of their four dogs.

Heidi later emerged wearing a short purple dress, carrying the other two dogs.

Rather than pleasantries, the “former” couple exchanged dogs befoer Spencer left on a golf cart.

And so the charade continues….