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Posted in Tiffani Thiessen on August 17, 2010 by fadedblog

Tiffani Thiessen has returned to work on White Collar with her precious little daughter in tow!

Just two months after giving birth to little Harper Renn Smith, doting mom Tiffani was back on the set of the USA hit yesterday (August 16) filming in New York City.

Between filming outdoor scenes, the 36-year-old actress could be seen joining hubby Brady Smith as the pair spent hours cooing over their little bundle of joy.

Meanwhile, the second season is currently airing and Tiffani recently took the time to speak with the press about her return to the series and a whole lot more.

A few highlights:

Tiffani on filming in New York: “I’ve always had such a love for New York City ever since I was young and going there when I was younger, and to be able to say that I actually live there half the year, I absolutely love it. It was my husband that I really had to get him to fall in love with it as much as I do. He’s from Texas and it’s very, very different than California and Texas, but he’s actually really starting to fall in love with it as well. And we’re excited that we get to raise our little girl half the year in New York City and half the year in Los Angeles. They’re two great cities and I’m excited for her to be able to really get the culture from both.”

Tiffani on whether she thinks it’s possible for men and women to be friends without there being a sexual connection: “I do believe so, being that I’m married myself. I think it’s quite easy, actually. I think if your marriage is strong and you have a good trust basis between the two, which is a lot of what we try to portray the relationship between Elizabeth and Peter to be, then I absolutely think you can. They’ve been married for ten years and they have such a good rapport with each other and it’s a marriage on TV that I really quite enjoy to watch, because you don’t see a lot of TV couples like that.”

Tiffani on challenges for finding roles for women in their 30s: “I think there’s definitely much more in 30s and 40s both. I think you’re starting to find people really seeing that – here’s the thing. It’s hard for me to say and know the experience how it was ten, twenty years ago because I was only in my teens and my 20s, but I know from watching TV myself and watching film myself I see a lot more 30s and 40s on screen, which just makes me very, very happy. It’s what we should be watching.”

Tiffani on whether she would ever be interested in writing or directing for the show: “I would. I’m not a writer at all, and I’ll be totally honest with you it’s nothing that I want to pursue because I’m just not a great writer. But directing is something that I actually started quite a few years ago actually. I did a short film that actually got into the Tribeca Film Festival and quite a lot of the prestigious film festivals, and so being that it’s been a little busy working, and now with a child it’s been kind of hard to pursue that. But I would love to, and “White Collar” would definitely be on my list that I would love to do. There are more and more women directors out there, which I love working with, and I think we always can use more women directors out there and in every position as well. So I think it would be really nice.”