Bristol Palin lead a flock of foxtroting celebs at the Dancing With The Stars 200th Episode bash at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood on Monday night (November 1).

Joined by the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Derek Hough, Cheryl Burke fellow competitor Brandy, America’s favourite teenage mom put her maternal duties on the backburner once again as she celebrated the reality TV show’s landmark episode.

Despite the big smile, Britol garnered the lowest score during last night’s installment of DWTS.

In the episode where past competitors were brought back to be guest celeb judges, Kelly Osbourne helped judge Bristol. She scored 57 compared to frontrunner Brandy’s 64.

Is it finally Bristol’s week to exit?

Meanwhile, Bristol is opening up about her thoughts on her mother Sarah Palin potentially running for president.

“I think it would be awesome,” she tells Extra. “I think she would be great for our country.”



  1. She looks frumpy and 40…

  2. Where is her baby?

  3. just askin' Says:

    Get thee to a stylist, Bristol. That home-grown, backwoods Alaska look just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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